Jaime Pickering Petal & Posy Jewelry 

Hi! I'm Jaime, and I'm the one-woman show behind Petal & Posy.

I have over a decade of experience as a silversmith jewelry maker and almost 2 decade long career in the photography industry. By day, I currently write for GirlLovesGloss.com, a beauty, lifestyle and motherhood blog. 

Basically, I wear many hats and am most happy when I allow myself to be creative.

Petal & Posy is a passion of mine that has turned into a full on love affair with jewelry again. Clay as a medium is a dream to work with, and it's allowed me to infuse some fun back into 2020! 

A little bit about Petal & Posy pieces: 

  • All colours are custom and hand blended for the perfect unique hue.
  • Collections are always made in small batches to ensure a one of a kind feel.
  • Longevity is so important to me! This means all earring posts are embedded in the clay or fused with UV Resin for a super reliable durability. 
  • Polymer clay is crazy lightweight - in fact, sometimes it floats! Having said this, please don't submerge your jewelry or allow to rest in areas of dampness or humidity (ie, the bathroom, shower, pool, or God forbid a sauna!).
  • If you get some makeup or residue on your jewelry, a cotton bud dipped in alcohol will clean it right up. Please don't use commercial jewelry cleansers, acetone or harsh chemicals on your jewelry it can stripe and eat away at the clay.

Most importantly, I need you all to know that each time a sale comes in I do a little squeal of delight. Yep, each and every time. Your purchase will make my day, and I hope your new jewelry makes yours!