Cleaning & Care

A cotton bud or lint free cotton pad with some rubbing alcohol will clean up pieces nicely! Please do not use any commercial cleansers or abrasive cloths on your Petal & Posy jewelry, they are not meant for clay and can ruin your pieces.

Besides cleaning with alcohol, please take care when storing and wearing your jewelry. Jewelry should always be put on last and taken off first. Do not submerge your pieces in water, wear in the pool or to the beach and store out of humid and damp places like the bathroom. 

Take care not to expose your jewelry to hairspray, perfume or face mists. 


All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. 


Due to the sanitary nature of jewelry and Covid-19 protocols, all sales are final. 


Shipping is live calculated based on your country and zip/postal code. The rates you see at checkout (you can see this before completing to get a preview) are the actual rates Canada Post charges and not a penny more.

Petal & Posy ships wherever Canada Post will! Due to Covid-19, your country may have rules and regulations about importing goods. Please consult your country's laws before purchasing.

Wholesale & Product Inquiries

No! I know it's hard to believe, but you will be shocked by how light polymer clay and resin is - in fact, some pieces are so light they float.

So basically, those precious lobes need not worry, go bold if the mood strikes!

All earring posts are stainless steel, or gold plated steel, and are lead and nickel free. Nickel is highly likely to cause more metal allergies, which is why I don't use it. I personally have very sensitive skin, and can wear any of my styles all day without issue.


Some earrings have raw brass components in them. These have no treatment or coating on them, and can patina over time. 

Yes and yes! 

If you would like to carry Petal & Posy jewelry and accessories in your store, please reach out via the contact form with some information about your shop and it's location!

I accept custom orders on a case by case basis and would love to create something special just for you, for your wedding party or as a gift. Please reach out via the contact form with information about what you are looking for and we can chat :-)